Auto Electrical Services

As modern vehicles have increased in complexity, more and more functionality is being governed by the onboard auto electrical network. This network handles everything from monitoring fuel consumption and playing music, to assisting with braking and gear changing, even monitoring your engine bay and putting the vehicle into limp mode, to pre-emptively prevent any permanent damage.

Here at East Coast Auto Electrics, our expert auto electricians can fully repair your auto electrical network, including but not limited to:

  • All auto electrical work
  • EFI Diagnostics
  • Air conditioning
  • Dual battery and Anderson plugs
  • Light bars
  • Battery replacement
  • Trailer and caravan repairs
  • Solar panels and inverters
  • Central locking
  • Power windows
  • Electronic brake controllers
  • Ignition systems
  • Starters and alternators
  • UHF radios
  • Headlight upgrades
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Air Conditioning Services

Nothing ruins a summer drive faster than faulty air conditioning. Come in and see our expert technicians today for an air conditioning health check. To avoid failure, we recommend an air conditioning service to be completed every couple of years. Our technicians will leak test your a/c system and can check the operation of your compressor, condenser and evaporator and quality of hoses and seals. If it is working efficiently, they will renew the filter and regas your vehicle.

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Diagnostics and Fault Finding

The Auto Electrical network closely monitors every aspect of your vehicle’s operation. Our expert diagnosticians are equipped with state of the art diagnostic scan tools that enables them to interact with the onboard auto electrical network. and generate and analyse a detailed report so they know exactly what is wrong with your vehicle.

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4WD Setups

Here at East Coast Auto Electrics we offer a comprehensive 4WD upgrade and setup service, including, but not limited to:

  • Anderson plugs
  • Spot lights
  • Light bar installations
  • UHF radio installations
  • Solar set ups
  • Dual battery systems
  • Electric brake units
  • Trailer plugs
  • Reverse cameras
  • additional power and accessories
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